Dome Rules of League Play - General

In order to provide a safe and positive facility, everyone must adhere to the following facility rules:
1. Consumption of alcohol is allowed in the licensed restaurant and patio only
2. Personal alcohol is not permitted on or in the facility or parking lots.
3. Tailgate gatherings are not permitted on OZ Dome grounds or in the parking lots.
3. Insect & sun screen sprays will damage our grass – please stand on the gravel or asphalt areas when applying.
4. Smoking is not permitted in the facility, on the patio or on the fields. Smoking is permitted outside in designated areas only.
5. Cannabis use of any kind is strictly prohibited on OZ Dome / OZ Optics property.
6. Kindly refrain from using profane, abusive or foul language.
7. Fighting will not be tolerated and will result in being banned from the facility.
8. Climbing on any building structures or equipment (i.e. netting, benches, or goals) is not permitted.
9. Children are not permitted on the sideline without a chaperone or parent who is not playing.
10. Babies/toddlers are not to be on the sideline under any circumstances - balls traveling at high speed could injure spectators on the sideline.
11. First aid kits are located at the Sports Coordinator desk and inside the Dome. Please see a Sport Coordinator or Restaurant staff for
12. Practicing with a ball on the sideline is not permitted.
13. Full washrooms facilities are available in the OZ Dome and a temporary outdoor washroom is available at the Stadium field beside the tennis
14. Cancellations: Outdoor Field – OZ reserves the right to cancel games at any time in the event of rain or unplayable field conditions at the sole
discretion of OZ Dome Staff.
Indoor Field – OZ reserves the right to cancel games at any time in the event weather conditions make road travel unsafe at the sole
discretion of OZ Dome staff.
15. Chewing gum, spitting and nasal clearing (without tissue - to be disposed of in trash receptacles) on the fields & surrounding property is
strictly prohibited.

OZ Dome Rules of League Play – COVID-19

In addition to the General Rules above:
1. A thermal camera is located inside the Dome main entrance. Is it recommended that players screen their temperature before each game.
2. Groups are not to enter the dome until their scheduled time
3. Pinnies will not be provided at this time. Players are to arrive prepared with either their primary or alternate jersey.
4. Equipment such as gloves and pads will not be loaned. Game balls will be provided.
5. Communal water will not be provided. Each player is to supply their own for personal use only.
6. Elbow bumps are an acceptable substitution to Hand shaking / high-fives.